2017 Winners


1st Place

It Came From The 80's

Short Film (Best of show)

Jared Balduzzi, Abel Alvarez, Roberto Andrade, Ivan Ornelas

2nd Place

Monte Moore

(Best of show) Documentary

Tori Moore, Dane Odsather, Ka Miguel

3rd Place

Good Morning Boston

Short Film (Best of show)

Juan Menjivar, Emilee Behrens, Mackenzie Clift, Christian Vargas


Whole Class

Los Tres Cerditos

Sra. Madrid (1st Grade)


Sra. Escudero (1st Grade)

Las Cuatro Estaciones

Sra. Anguiano (Kinder)

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CA Cadet Corps

Jose Segura (Middle School)

Don't Eat a Glue Stick

 Kaitlyn Marquez, Jared Stevens, Natalie Martinez, Francine Vazquez, Rylee Medina, Marayah Madrigal (2nd Grade)

In One Word

Rojeny Guillermo (Middle School)


How To Make a Volcano

Isaac Leal (6th grade)

Amelia Earhart

 Mikayla Rodriguez

Right Around The Corner

Juan Rocha, Sarah Mason, Jill Smithpeters, Rojeny Guillermo 

(Middle School)

Game Day

Christopher Menchaca, Jose Ruiz

(High School)

Short Film

I Heart You

Melissa Rodriguez (Kinder)

Mr. Red

Jill Smithpeters (Middle School)

The Puppy

Rylee Medina (2nd Grade)