Everyone Can Create

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Download Apple’s curriculum full of lessons and ideas on how to use some of its creative apps for Video, Music, Photography and more. ​ Everyone Can Create


Download: "Everyone Can Create: Video"

Download: "Everyone Can Create: Music"

Download: "Everyone Can Create: Photo"

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PBS Student Reporting Labs  Video tutorials on explores topics such as: video production roles, location, setup, audio, lighting, white-balance, interviewing and B-roll.

PBS Learning Media resources for the topics of news reporting, editing, video production, storytelling, and careers in video production/journalism.


Kids Viid   practical suggestions on how to integrate video production into the curriculum


Stories Worth Telling: A Guide to Creating Student-Led Documentaries

iPad Teleprompter ideas: 

Six-Word Story, Six Unique Shots:   Enhancing writing through multimedia.  (Video)     (iBook Lesson)



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Release Forms

Location Release Form  This form gives you the permission to film on property you do not own.

Minor Release Form  This form gives you permission use a minor's image and/or voice in your production.

Note: Not required if they are students at Burton School District

Copyrights & Fair-use Guidelines

Guidelines for Teachers  This file informs teachers of what they may and do under the law. 

Learn more about Copyrights and fair use here 

Production Documents

Storyboard Templates  Download different types of storyboard templates that will help students plan out and pre-visualize their video production,